I'm a producer

Marco Polo describes a bridge, stone by stone.
"But what is the stone that supports the bridge?" asks Kublai Kan.
"The bridge is not supported by this or that stone,"
Marco replies, "but from the line of the arch they form."
Kublai Kan remained silent, reflecting. Then he added:
"Why are you talking about stones? It is only the arch that matters to me. "
Polo replies: "Without stones there is no Arch."

Bringing together quality products and service

The project Siendas, in Sardinian treasures , SUPPORTS the producers.
Siendas works to protect the food and wine excellence of Sardinia, to build relationships between quality producers and the Italian and foreign markets, we want to improve awareness of the system that regulates food production and increase exchanges in favor of local economies by constantly seeking enthusiasts who know how to give quality productions the value they deserve.

How it works



We connect you with business customers all over the world



They accompany you in every phase of your online sales experience.



If necessary we can provide advice on marketing, packaging and promotion.



Our consultants, at your disposal. Find out now the costs and benefits of exporting your products to the United States of America.

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Ethical Charter

To meet this challenge to create bridges, the Manufacturers and the Siendas team will have to trust
each other and act with transparency and professionalism, to make everyone understand the importance of ours
project, and thus improve the economy of each territory, recognizing it as fair and useful
for the well-being of the community, the work of each link in the chain. We will share experiences,
we will learn from mistakes by accepting them as an integral part of the growth process.
We will each work to give our best, and as a natural consequence to become an example
virtuous commercial.

By accepting this Ethics Charter, everyone undertakes to adhere to these principles.

1. Organize sales on a regular basis and carefully select the offer (quality, variety, price, availability, minimum order), all taking care not to create a climate of unfair and useless competition between the various producers and respecting the parameters that the community imposes.

2. Organize your production in a spacious and pleasant place, which allows buyers to receive their products in adequate hygienic and organoleptic conditions.

3. To constantly enlarge and enrich the network by advising new buyers to join the Siendas commercial circuit, to offer producers a good market base capable of giving the right value to their products.

4. Animate the community through the IT tools provided by the web platform (e-mail, chat ..) but also through the organization of online and itinerant gastronomic events and through lunches, trips to get to know the Suppliers, etc.

5. Have a benevolent and selfless attitude towards the community; welcome new producers in a positive way and consider the possibility of possible collaborations where possible.

6. Inform producers and buyers of important decisions, respecting the deadlines established by contract.

7. On the part of Siendas to act as a link between buyers and producers, explaining to each party the expectations and concerns of the other party; and more generally being empathetic, spreading good ideas and encouraging initiatives.

8. Respect the activity and freedom of trade of buyers as well as producers: do not unnecessarily disturb and do not use their personal data for purposes other than those envisaged by Siendas Wine & Food Passion SRLS.

9. Do not force manufacturers to make deliveries if the minimum order has not been met.

10. Maintain regular contact with the company, and inform it of any changes relating to the activity of the producer / buyer (venue, status, contacts, change of address etc.)