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Together with our team of experts we create photographic services, promotional videos, websites and translations for you.
All at prices never seen on the market.

Siendas wants to give voice to quality.

Still-Life Photo Service
Designed and built in order to bring out the attention to detail and the characteristics of the product. Its qualities, its exclusivity are enclosed in the photographs in order to enhance it and make it attractive in the best possible way to the public of your future customers. All the shots taken will be delivered with full license to use and in high resolution and internet resolution formats. The use of the same is reserved for self-promotion and portfolio by the FotoeGrafico studio. The service can be carried out at your premises.

Still-Life E-Commerce
Photographs with a white or other colored background (suitable for the graphics you use). Single light set-up for the entire service. Including professional post-production of images.
Still-life set
Change of photographic set for each shot, with light set-up designed to make the most of the product. Professional post-production with light and shadow correction to improve the empathy of the shot.

Available in sizes from