The project has developed a mobile app which, relying on local tour operators, allows you to create Siendas virtual shops and manage the order and delivery of marketplace products directly to the end customer's home.
Therefore, thanks to its platforms, Siendas is now able to allow a tourist to buy online and receive local products in the holiday resort and, once these products have been tasted, to receive them directly at home at the end of their stay in Sardinia.

  • Project code: SERV_INN_MICRO3-176
  • Project title: EAT LIKE A LOCAL
  • CUP: G29J21006130006
  • Total amount of the project: € 15.000,00
  • Amount Financed: € 15.000,00
  • Source: POR FESR Sardinia 2014-2020 - Axis 1, Action 1.3.2.
  • Date: Start of the Project 19/07/2021 - End of the Project 20/05/2022
  • Contact: Marco Arca