Vini Murales

Vini Murales

When you disembark in Gallura, consciously or not, a huge amount of sensory stimuli are activated and forces us to better observe the environment around us. The sense immediately involved is the sight and the consequent perception is that of a "MURALES", a color world that engulfs and attracts us;

“The earth uses the vine as an instrument of union with man, it gives information to the grape that it raises with care, which writes the codes in its notebook, the wine. The senses responsible for its decoding create a visceral relationship with the elements, giving us almost spiritual emotions with the aim of helping us to insert ourselves into a perfect system. The earth tries to teach us to love it so as not to harm it. "

The passion for vines and wine are in the soul of those who, thanks to careful management, control what nature offers. Modern technologies allow us, in the various steps, from the grape to the must ... to the wine ... to the bottle, to conquer its value, elegance and balance.

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