Vini Jankara

Vini Jankara

Jankara was founded in 2006, the year in which Renato and Angela Spanu bought 8 hectares of uncontaminated land in the prestigious "Vena di San Leonardo", located in the hills of Alta Gallura.

In the 2008 they planted the first 4 hectares entirely with Vermentino grapes.

In 2013 Renato and Angela were joined by two long-time friends, the Chefs and Restaurateurs Angelo and Denise Elia, owners of the prestigious Casa D'Angelo restaurants in Florida. A collaboration born to bring Jankara to new, ambitious levels.

A deep passion for Sardinia, and in particular for his Gallura, led Renato and his wife Angela to realize the dream of producing a wine of excellent quality, and to promote the beauty and richness of the mountains and the granitic soils of Gallura in world.

After many sacrifices and hard work, Renato and Angela, with the help of their new partners Angelo and Denise, have created "Jankara": a true expression of their love for wine and the ancient land of Gallura.

After harvesting the grapes are gently pressed and fermented in stainless steel tanks, with fermentation temperatures constantly controlled and regulated to further favor the formation of intense aromas and complexity in the wine.

After a period of 6 months of aging, the wine is then bottled and kept for another two months before being placed on the market.

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