Baccu wines

Baccu wines

The history of Baccu and its wines is something recent, indeed very recent, it was born in 2010 from the idea of ​​the entrepreneur Enrico Melis, who has always been passionate about wine and his land, the "TREXENTA" great producer of noble wines known in Worldwide. A look at the Sardinian wine scene and then the decision.

Since Sardinia still gave way to the production of quality wines, Enrico took the ball, came into possession of about 15 hectares of young dry vineyards of different quality (Sirah, Merlot, Bovale, Cannonau, Vermentino and Nuragus) decides to join the group of wine producers in Sardinia, always paying attention to a high quality production. School done now exams and results arrive.

2012 will be the springboard for the Baccu Vini wine production, with approximately 8.500 liters of product of which 40% processed in purity and the rest finished with careful and controlled vinification of high quality musts.

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