The “L'Oasi Deliziosa” pastry shop was founded in Nuoro on 7 April 1990 and has always been characterized by its innate propensity for innovation. With the entry of the second generation, the company felt a strong impulse and need, almost physiological, to innovate further, choosing a sector which, in its various declinations, is very well known, but, in its "construction ” turns out to be almost mysterious: chocolate! Despite its popularity and despite the fact that many pastry chefs work with it, the
chocolate preserves in the production phase, understood as the assembly of unknown ingredients, phases, concepts and dosages. Francesco, who represents the future of the company, trained in two of the very few companies that, in Italy, produce truly artisanal chocolate and it was at that moment that the desire was born in him to give life to something unique, in which could bring together the herbs, scents and flowers typical of the Mediterranean with the scents and flavors typical of the tropical-equatorial areas, where the cocoa plant is grown.

In December 2022, a truly artisanal chocolate factory was born in Nuoro, a pioneer in Sardinia of the "bean to bar" process.

With the "bean to bar" preparation, the chocolate is treated, starting directly from the bean, in all its processing phases (roasting, peeling, pre-grinding, refining, conching and casting). Particular attention is paid to the fondant, refined for at least 72 hours in the stone mill.

The project began in 2021, with a long and in-depth study which concerned, on the one hand, the selection of known raw materials, in the form of herbs, flowers, extracts, essential oils, fibers etc. that best expressed the peculiarities for which they are known, such as fennel, thyme, bay leaves, etc. and, on the other, the search for the most suitable and compatible bean, comparing fruits from South America (Colombia and Peru), Africa (Sierra Leone) and Asia (Philippines and Vietnam); the choice fell on the Peruvian broad bean.

At the same time, a professional studio worked on the naming research, which led to the choice of the "Tzikulate" brand, and the packaging, relating to the external packaging of the products, which represents, in its lower part, the fusion between the fluid chocolate and the various essences and aromas that accompany it. The internal part, however, shows the journey that the bean takes and all the processing phases, up to the finished product.

"Keep it going"

The products presented in the first season are 11 chocolate bars from the “Tzikulate” brand, consisting of:

• a 72% stone-worked dark chocolate called “Pikidu” (black as pitch), pure and available in 4 other flavours: bay leaf, mint, chamomile and fennel;

• a milk chocolate, with 40% cocoa, called “Baju” (brown), pure and available in 2 other flavours: mandarin and rosemary;

• a white chocolate, called “Nue” (cloud), pure and available in 2 other flavours: lavender and thyme.

2 almond spreads, called “Cucùja” (fresh almond), with 40% almonds, available in two versions:

• the classic version, with a prevalence of sweet almonds;

• the bitter version, inspired by the most popular traditional dessert in Sardinia, amaretto.

Once again, speaking of innovation, in the second season and, more precisely, on the occasion of the Sana Fair in Bologna which took place from 07 to 10 September 2023, another 6 bars were presented: 2 without added sugars (milk and dark chocolate) and, new absolute, wholemeal chocolate, currently in the patenting phase. It is a chocolate in which all the noble cocoa fibers are preserved which, in the traditional making of chocolate, are separated from the heart of the bean, as their roughness compromises the manufacturing processes. The company, with an operation that is currently entirely manual, has found a way to preserve them inside the finished chocolate, preserving all the beneficial effects contained in the fiber and giving a roughness to the palate that makes it surprisingly pleasant. Whole chocolate was used for 4 bars: 2 classic (milk and dark) and 2 without added sugar (milk and dark).


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