Su Tianu Sardu of Faedda Salvatore

Su Tianu Sardu of Faedda Salvatore

The Su Tianu Sardu Company boasts a wide range of fish products, completely natural and free of chemical preservatives. The careful selection of raw materials and the absence of chemical preservatives make them qualitatively valuable. The preservation processes, together with the total respect of the hygienic-sanitary rules, allow to have a final product that keeps intact the nutritional properties, the island traditions and the typical taste of the Sardinian sea.

The most important products are the Bottarga di Muggine and the Tuna Bottarga, packaged in jokes of different sizes, or ground and sold in glass jars or vacuum-packed sachets.

The Sardinian bottarga is accompanied by the production of Mediterranean Red Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Swordfish and Marlin, in smoked slices. There are fish preserves, with different weights, designed to respond to every need and to capture the customer's attention.

The use of modern techniques of specialization present in Ditta, the brand new products based on Riccio Pulp and the highly prized Mediterranean Red Tuna are processed.

Recently, in collaboration with Porto Rotondo Ricerche, the recipe for sea salad and octopus was prepared and sold, also without preservatives.


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