Salumificio Su Sirboni

Salumificio Su Sirboni


The family is the starting point of our area of ​​belonging: Sardinia. Our cured meat factory definitely aims to maintain a strong bond with the origin and tradition of systems, relationships and with the advancement of technologies. The transfer of knowledge in the family, as in the company, always produces excellent results and allows a constant growth not only of the structure, but also of the processing methods. Our company philosophy is therefore aimed at exporting as much as possible the approach to work and the Sardinian culture of the preparation of cured meats also in the rest of Italy and the world.

Work is a fundamental aspect in our business process. Employees, collaborators, young apprentices, know our philosophy from the beginning and easily enter (most of them reside in the territory) in symbiosis with the spirit of Salumificio Su Sirboni. Work and family are the cornerstones of our production chain.

The goal is to produce cured meats according to the traditional Sardinian recipe, working the meat in absolute food safety and hygiene, to protect the quality of the product and the health of the consumer and customer. Problems inherent to meat, processing times and the traceability of raw materials are always meticulously attended to.

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