Su Zichi

Su Zichi

The company "Su Zichi”, by Deriu and Dettori, has been active since 1999 in Bonorva, in the Logudoro area, and is a leading company in the sector of industrial and artisanal bakeries.
Specialized in the production and national distribution of the product, the bakery supplies typical Sardinian products for the food and catering sectors. In fact, we also supply farmhouses and restaurants, with the possibility of shipments throughout the peninsula, with rapid delivery times. 
The company produces zichi, a traditional bread of the country, handed down from generation to generation, made with simple and genuine and carefully selected ingredients: re-milled durum wheat flour, water, salt, brewer's yeast, natural yeast.
The product requires natural leavening and baking at over 300 degrees. It has a circular shape with a diameter of 25-30 cm and 1 cm thick, it is produced in both soft and hard versions. Soft bread will keep for about a week, while hard bread lasts 6-10 months without losing quality.
Zichi di Bonorva was awarded the IGP mark: protected geographical indication.

The "hard zichi": suitable for cooking and preparing first courses, it is cut into small pieces of 4-5 cm. Thrown in salted water at the time of boiling (as for pasta), drained and seasoned in many ways, unlike other types that combine to form an infinity of bread-based dishes, the main quality of Zichi hard is that of keep an extraordinary consistency during cooking: it resists cooking without overcooking, thus making it one of the most extraordinary raw materials in the kitchen. We consider the optimal cooking time of 10 min.

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