SavoSardo Biscottificio Artigianale Giovanni Moro and Figli

SavoSardo Biscottificio Artigianale Giovanni Moro and Figli

There is a place in Sardinia where an artisan biscuit factory has been processing a soft and tasty product for three generations. The place is Fonni, the company bears the name of Giovanni Moro and the product is the typical Sardinian Savoyard that in this country at 1.000 meters above sea level where the word "pollution" is unknown, is the undisputed king.

For the artisanal production of its "biscuit" the company uses eggs, flour and sugar but the main ingredient is the ancient knowledge that has its roots in the confectionery culture handed down by the women of the past who prepared ladyfingers for special occasions , when the most respected guests arrived in the family.

The same care is today at the basis of the Giovanni Moro Soft Savoiardi, delights that are born in the heart of Barbagia but which find space on the tables of all the greedy of genuine products.

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