Sardinian Sole

Sardinian Sole

Sardo Sole is the brand of the products of the Cultivated and Processed Durum Wheat Supply Chain in Sardinia.

In 2012, we created the first Sardinian cereal business network called the “Shard of Durum Wheat grown and processed in Sardinia”, which offers products for a balanced diet, through a careful choice of raw materials. Today, we have started a great sustainability project, which sees our main ingredient as protagonist: wheat. In fact, we have chosen to use only 100% wheat grown and processed in Sardinia for our products.

The final result of the Supply Chain are the various products under the Sardo Sole brand: Pasta and Bread; Flour and Semolina; Special preparations and Legumes and Cereals, all of which have a high protein value and stand out both in traditional cuisine and in the more innovative cuisine of established chèf for taste and flavor. We are therefore talking about products well known by the older generations but much appreciated by young people who find excellent food tolerability and lightness, so much so that they are often included in the controlled diets of personal trainers and nutritionists.

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