Sarda Affumicati

Sarda Affumicati

We are a small company with more than thirty years of international experience. One of those who, with great passion and sacrifice, contribute to making food a pillar of Made in Italy all over the world. To serve large markets and demanding customers, we have taken up the challenge of efficiency and organization that distinguish the industry, but without renouncing the laborious care of artisanal production. Every day, together with our collaborators, we take care of every single product, from those you find on the shelves of the best supermarkets in Italy and the world, to those we have studied for gourmet shops and catering professionals, always attentive to combining tradition and innovation.

Searching for the best raw materials for you is the starting point of our work. To do the rest we have become a forge of gastronomic ideas born from the Mediterranean tradition but attentive to the needs of the international markets to which we turn. This is how our gastronomic specialties are born, ready to enrich the menus of the most chic restaurants and, why not, those you reserve for your dearest guests. Tender artichoke hearts, very tasty peppers, tasty aubergines and exquisite peppers, sweet cherry tomatoes - all grown with traditional methods in the lands that surround our company - blend with the best qualities of fish to become in our hands unique products, balanced combinations of flavors that know how to conquer even the most demanding palates.

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