Sa Panada

Sa Panada

Laura Achenza was born in 1966 in Oschiri, a small town in northern Sardinia rich in history and culinary traditions. The typical product of Oschiri is "Sa Panada", a pie filled with pork pulp, a food that has always been prepared at home on the occasion of holidays and weddings or offered as a gift to relatives, friends or anyone who visited Oschiri, a village where you can breathe history, where the passion for a typical local product is handed down.

Laura began her business in 1989 in a small artisan workshop, with the aim of marketing panadas first in nearby towns and then further and further away. In 2002 the business expanded by moving to a new factory equipped with modern technologies that allow to increase production while always maintaining high quality.

Today Valentina and Martina, the second generation, are looking to the future with the aim of bringing Sardinian panada to tables all over the world.

Il Pastificio Sa Panada keeps alive the tradition of a typical Sardinian product: Panadas.

The company follows high quality standards, is oriented towards continuous improvement with an eye to the constant innovation of production processes. Panadas are appreciated both by adults, for the practicality of preparation and consumption, and by children, for their delicate and savory taste. They are recommended for the Mediterranean diet and are the main food in the diet of Sardinian centenarians. The genuine and local ingredients inserted raw cook inside the bundle of pasta with the steam generated during cooking in the oven. This specialty allows you to maintain the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics that make Panadas a complete, healthy and nutritious food. The crumbliness of the dough and the unmistakable aroma of the freshly baked product will make Panadas your new favorite dish.

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