Sa Marigosa

Sa Marigosa

The OP SA MARIGOSA, was born in 1986 as a youth agricultural company and in 2008 the Organization of Producers was established, increasing and consolidating its weight in the Sardinian fruit and vegetable sector, so as to guarantee a better quality of fruit and vegetable products through careful control of all phases of the production chain.

This year we celebrate 30 years of consolidated success in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, and this prospect of growth, innovation at the service of tradition and high work ethic in the Fresh sector, has been transferred to the transformation of products in oil, new challenge and pride of the OP.

The love for Sardinian products is the fundamental ingredient of the crops, which has allowed the company Sa Marigosa, to become today the most important Organization of Producers of melon and watermelon in Sardinia, with very high production of artichoke of different cultivars, among which the spiny artichoke, leader of the Consortium for the Protection of the Sardinian PDO Artichoke

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