Monte Arci Salumificio

Monte Arci Salumificio

For over 30 years, Salumificio Monte Arci has been telling the secrets of the art of charcuterie that have long been kept in this enchanting area, thanks to the passion for traditions and deep dedication to the craft.

Salumificio Monte Arci is an Italian company based in Sardinia specialized in the production of quality cured meats.
Founded in 1991 by the second generation of a family of passionate butchers, the company has always stood out for the artisanal processing of pork by expert butchers, with the utmost respect for traditional local recipes.
Today the new generation carries on this tradition and enriches it thanks to the use of new technologies and cutting-edge machinery.
Monte Arci products have been on the market for over 25 years under the brand of the same name, which is now joined by the new Salumi Salsard and Ossidiana – Linea Gourmet brands.

The company has a factory of 1800 m4000 of covered area and has a production capacity of XNUMX quintals of cured meats per year.
The plant is organized into specific sectors thanks to which it is possible to carry out all phases of the production process on site, from the slaughter of the meat to the packaging of the cured meats.
Monte Arci offers the market 3 production lines with three distinct brands (Salumi Monte Arci, Salumi Salsard and Ossidiana – Gourmet Line), plus a new line of pre-sliced ​​cured meats. Furthermore, it offers its business partners a personalized line with private individuals
Salumificio Monte Arci only processes fresh, non-frozen national meats, rigorously chosen and selected. To guarantee the authenticity and taste of its cured meats, the salami factory produces according to high quality and safety standards. The company is in the process of acquiring IFS and BRC certifications.

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