Salumi Rovajo

Salumi Rovajo

Rovajo was born in the heart of Sardinia, where the high mountain winds that lap the valleys carry aromas of herbs found only here. The microclimate of the Gennargentu, together with an ancient technique, handed down from generation to generation, ensure that in this generous land excellent products are obtained, highly sought after by connoisseurs.

Our philosophy
Rovajo was the way to call the cold wind of winter. The tradition of packaging cured meats, in fact, has deep ties with the climate: we chose this name because the link between salumi Rovajo and the mountain of Desulo is indissoluble.

For this reason we protect the planet thanks to renewable sources and participate in initiatives to promote the area.

We cultivate the Sardinian tradition, trying to create healthy and better products thanks to new quality control techniques; we finance research projects to create better products for everyone, even for people with diseases and intolerances.

Enjoy the indissoluble bond between product and nature, tradition and authenticity.
We believe in the genuineness of simple products and in the superior quality of artisan production; we love traditional recipes wisely handed down from generation to generation and innovation that respects nature, context and culture.

Rediscover the taste of the past
The working processes are still done by hand, thanks to ancient desulesi techniques, handed down for centuries. Selection, cutting, processing, boning and even packaging are carried out by limiting the use of machinery, to obtain a handmade product, with the same flavor as that of our ancestors.

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