Rice Passiu

Rice Passiu


The Company Passiu was born in Oristano in the 1975 and has always worked with the goal of producing high quality rice.
Thanks to the experience gained in the field, the climate of Sardinia and a careful selection of the best land, she has succeeded in obtaining excellent productions that over the years have allowed her to win numerous prizes in the national competition reserved for seed producers.
Specificity and the pursuit of quality have always distinguished the work of the company that since 2015 began to market rice with its own brand. There are currently four lines on the market: the Carnaroli Classico, considered in the specialist and amateur field the "King of the rice", the intense Aromatic Ganges, the Healthy Integrale and the precious Gioiello black rice.
The Company's goal is to meet the needs of family and gourmet cuisine with a rice that makes the difference on every occasion.

"Keep it going"

Peculiarities that distinguish our products
We produce quality rice, we are very careful to enhance the classic seeds and always looking for new excellence to cultivate. We have gained more than 40 years of experience in the cultivation of rice from seed and we have also transferred it for the cultivation of rice distributed with our brand. Sardinia with its mild climate, its long summers, the mistral wind, the salty air, is the ideal land for the growth of rice, even of those varieties considered long-cycle that in Northern Italy hardly reach maturity. Furthermore the fertile soils and the purity of the water of our countryside give the rice a taste and peculiar characteristics.



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