Quartomoro di Sardegna was officially born in 2011 as an educational cellar, primarily for its founder Piero Cella, an oenologist with important experience and knowledge of the Sardinian wine-growing area. The company is family run, and Piero has always been assisted in his projects by his wife Luciana Baso and recently by his young son, Alberto.
The vineyards have different characteristics, given the diversity of the land they belong to: e.g. the vineyards planted in Vermentino, are located in the surroundings of Marrubiu (OR), at the foot of Monte Arci and overlooking the Gulf of Oristano, and have a medium-textured soil, tending to sandy, with obsidian decay, an important mineral of volcanic origin which gives the wines very interesting characteristics. The Bovale is planted in the same area: in a parcel of about forty years old and in another even older one, more than eighty years old, in a sandy soil which permits sapling farming on an ungrafted foot. This area, called Arborea-Terralbese, is the richest and most suitable for this vine that we want to enhance because of great organoleptic, but also cultural and social depth.

The hope is to produce wines that are the expression of the Sardinian land, working at their best, with minimal intervention in the vineyard and in the cellar, respecting natural processes.

La Quartomoro di Sardegna carries out an experimentation on the classic method sparkling wine, using exclusively Vermentino grapes, receiving interesting confirmations at national and international level. The "Orriu" project offers wines based on the aromatic expression of the vines from young vines.
The beating heart of the company is the project called "Memorie di Vite", which concerns the vinification in purity of various traditional Sardinian vines, among the best known such as Vermentino, Cannonau, Bovale and less known such as Muristellu, Cagnulari, the Nuragus… in any case all the grapes come from very old vines, selected in the most suitable areas of the Sardinian territory, by territory and by tradition, according to the grape variety of reference. Above all, thanks to the Memorie di Vite project, the company has undertaken interesting collaborations and in 2016 became part of the Banca del Vino di Pollenzo (CN).

The promotion of products is preferably done through cultural events and demonstrations, which allow to meet an audience of admirers and consumers, sensitive to our work and our particular proposals. Our work is based on a great passion, not only for the wine-product, but also on principles of economic, environmental and social sustainability and, above all, for our Sardinian culture and tradition, for which the constant goal is to transmit together with our wines, our territory, the whole of Sardinia.

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