Cantine Pub Agricolo

Cantine Pub Agricolo

Agricultural Pub means many things, it means being together, partying, being happy and living well, it is Western cinema, music, dance, carnival and masks, it means Red Passion for Wine, for our Land and our Mamoiada

Mamoiada is a town in central Sardinia of 2.512 inhabitants, located 15 km from the provincial capital, Nuoro. The town of Mamoiada is located at 644 mt. above sea level and the climate is characterized by very hot summers and severe winters. As in other municipalities of Barbagia, our economy is based on pastoralism and, above all, on viticulture, the real pride of the country. There are 300 hectares (approximately) of territory dedicated to Cannonau vines that characterize the landscape around Mamoiada. The area of ​​the current Mamoiada was inhabited in pre-Nuragic, then Nuragic and Roman times, of which tangible signs of a past still shrouded in mystery and magic still remain. The town of Mamoiada is famous all over the world for the mysterious and ancestral Carnival, which counts among the oldest masks that give life to the most iconic popular events of Sardinia and the Mediterranean. Its undisputed protagonists are the Mamuthones and the Issohadores. These masks make their first appearance on the occasion of Sant'Antonio abate, on January 17th of each year. As for the perpetuation of the magic of Carnival, in the same way, the phases of wine production are experienced by the whole country as high moments of sharing through work and party.

Pub Agricolo is a “project for and on the Cannonau di Mamoiada wine”. It begins with the passion of four young people captivated by Cannonanu wine, whose goal was to produce 2018% Cannonau di Mamoiada. A Wine that had the strength to tell the "Mamoiadino terroir". With us, in Mamoiada, the vineyard is lived every day and, even today, we are unable to describe why we are deeply attracted to it ... but we certainly know that one of the best ways to tell it is to bottle its finest fruit . Our Cannonau has a marked, traditional, but at the same time modern character. It has good acidity, with a fluid but persistent texture, with fine, tasty and elegant tannins. Our goal is to produce quality wine, a wine that has the ability to collect the scents of the air and soil, and naturally accompanies the vintage and its variability. Respect for nature is the basis of our philosophy of life and production. We believe that protecting the environment is of fundamental importance for the life of our children, in which we place our hopes for their future from a business production point of view. Since XNUMX our cellar and our wines are registered in the registers of organic agriculture. Today, the wines produced in Mamoiada face the market full of offers and competition, but the effort of our cellar is to preserve our historical identity that we have handed down to our children for generations with the aim of producing quality Cannonau wines.

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