Pasticceria Tesi

Pasticceria Tesi

1948... when Angelo Tesi together with his wife Ines Melis opens the first "pastry" business in Macomer. He had arrived during the war with the army in Macomer. He already knew how to work in a bakery because he had first been a boy and then a worker in Viterbo, a safe job... but then the war changed everything. In Sardinia he meets her Ines, in Macomer and after the war he returns to marry her and with an idea: Macomer doesn't have a pastry shop; it is an obligatory crossroads in the bisector between Cagliari Sassari and Nuoro; it has a powerful industrial development with the most important island dairies (Dalmasso, Di Trani...) and the exponential growth of textiles... in Macomer, thanks also to the two railways, there are many workers, a thriving trade and a lot of money circulating. No small thing for Angelo Tesi who, in addition to starting a family in Macomer and seeing Giorgio, Paola and Daniela born, needs help to make his idea grow and calls his brother Alberto from Viterbo who will be his partner and collaborator for many years and who , it will equally become "Macomerese".

Golden years in which, in addition to dessert, the two brothers took care of receptions, weddings and events, eventually building a building with a bar, billiard room, cafeteria and pastry shop. In short, to make a long story short, the solid foundations are being built, without false modesty, of what the Pasticceria nel Marghine was and is. And much further... A time that goes beyond my knowledge, so long as to embrace the course of three generations, carefully safeguarding the concepts of "Good", "Beautiful" and "Artisanal" and in this last meaning all the baggage of the knowing how to make and knowing how to propose with an eye towards the future. Three ingredients which are the basis of the concept of "dessert" understood not as nourishment but rather as an act of gratification, of pampering, of affection expressed towards oneself and towards others.

Many years in which we have been active protagonists of our Community, always getting involved and supporting events, anniversaries and fairs, not only local ones, testifying with pride to the Macomerese "know-how".
The first passing of the baton was the entry into the company of all the children of Angelo and Ines for several years. Then, in 1995 the first transition from a family-only company to a small company with Giorgio Tesi, the only "Tesi" left to pull the strings in an LLC in which he immediately involved us as partners. Me, Maurizio and Caterina and Rossana (real twins!). Together, after incredible events, since 2008 in a completely new situation in the very central Corso Umberto 46 with the merger of the laboratory and resale, the ice cream shop and the introduction of the cafeteria and chocolate shop. The development of our modern leavened products and many new references, the training, the collaborations, the courses, the implementation of "modernities" take place in these years. Either out of necessity, or out of awareness but also for a new and more developed customer awareness that stimulates us towards new projects and responses. Until 2014, the year in which we realized that the legal form suitable for our small company was that of a Cooperative.
In 2019 Giorgio finally reaches his well-deserved retirement and…
“there are three of us left”… and there was a little song! And then this year Simone arrived. But that's another story. For another story. To be told tomorrow perhaps. Meanwhile…

"Keep it going"

Rossana, Caterina and I are brothers-in-law. By Giorgio. We've known each other since 1983, so a lifetime really. But only since 1995 have we been working together in the pastry shop. We had other lives before. Then... reckless and risky like kids, all three of us started from scratch, I was a factory worker at 29, married and with Francesca just born, they, the "twins" at 35. It's the fault and credit of Giorgio, the true and only “Thesis” of the situation that soon required us to become members. A kind of second or third or fourth chance in a world and a country completely different from now. Truly another life.
It was easy then to change jobs... And what about opportunities?... in professional and human growth... And not just "happen", but often sought and wanted.
To open new doors, windows and horizons. Without stopping, without stopping, without thinking of having arrived at something or somewhere. Going is the end; the goal is the present day, the now that merges with tomorrow. But only sometimes. And so much gratitude.
Rossana and Caterina. Impossible to talk about one without involving the other! Two real twins; for a lifetime a redhead and a blonde, almost to be distinguished by those who, even up close, still can't do it!
And seeing them argue animatedly when they do things together… well, it could be a very fun television series!
Generous, available, tireless. Also good to me even when I don't deserve it. We are family as well as colleagues. Or rather, more family, which is more true. A true "team", often successful in the face of almost impossible challenges for our microscopic business where the only objective is certainly not money but rather taking care of the things we love to do and taking care of each other.
Incredible, complicated and tiring but it happened. We truly accepted this witness with joy, joy and determination. And now here, 75 years after it all began, we want to celebrate. It is “necessary” to celebrate. It's wonderful to be able and willing to do it. Together with you, simply but together.
Oh Simon? We haven't forgotten... of course not! History begun, interrupted and restarted. All to be written! You will hear about it.
The thousands of hours of work? Who cares! We were able to choose, convinced. And we are almost happy!


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