Panificio Battacone

Panificio Battacone

The Battacone artisan bakery was born in the far 1975 in Irgoli, in the heart of the Barony. Of the traditions of our territory we have treasured, transferring them to the production of the typical bread of Sardinia, the Pane Carasau, known beyond the Tyrrhenian Sea as music paper. With the same passion and the same recipe of our ancestors, today we can let you taste the taste of the bread that was made at home many years ago.

Over time, the quality of the products and all their characteristics have remained intact, but modern means have enabled us to achieve important results.

today panificio Battacone is able to meet the needs of all its customers throughout the country, guaranteeing quality and professionalism. In any part of Italy it is possible to have our products. If you want to have an important showcase of our products in your shop, and introduce one of the most typical and good traditional Sardinian recipes, all you have to do is contact us and we will be at your disposal to meet your needs.

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