Olezzera Ozzastrera

Olezzera Ozzastrera


The Ozzastrera farm was founded in the wake of an ancient tradition of olive oil production to rediscover the values ​​of authenticity characterized by a strong link with the territory.

The Nieddu family takes care of all stages of production, combining the wisdom of the ancient cultivation methods with the most modern agronomic practices and ensuring the highest quality of the fruit at harvest time.

The company operates in the territory of Bolotana, a charming rural village in the Marghine mountain range, which boasts the trademark of "City of Oil" thanks to the hegemony of the olive groves, located in a strip ranging from 350 to 600 meters on sea ​​level on granite soils, which enjoy optimal exposure to the sun and atmospheric agents.

"Keep it going"

The name Ozzastrera derives from the Sardinian "valley of the olivastri" and recalls the essence of a territory suited to the practice of olive growing and its brand represents the close link between tradition, the work of man and the power of nature.

Terracuza comes from an idea that expresses a unique and innovative concept with the aim of reviving an ancestral experience in a modern key: it encloses and combines primordial symbols of a culture characterized by nuraghic deities, art, sounds, souls of men and women united on a land with a mysterious charm.

All the oils produced are kept in dark glass bottles in the sizes 750ml to 100 ml, the latter ideal for the suitcase or the bag to always carry with you.

Perfect also as gift ideas or wedding favors, as they are kept in a refined and elegant packaging.

In the last ten years the company has achieved important results gaining a prestigious position on the national and international market.



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