Su Ortau Originale di Ardauli

Su Ortau Originale di Ardauli

A second course of meat, a Sardinian specialty, a unique and tasty alternative.

In Ardauli, each family prepares its own Ortau. The noblest parts of the pork, the fillet and the shoulder, cut into cubes, are stuffed together with other local excellences such as pecorino cheese, pilarda (sun-dried tomatoes and salt), white wine, garlic and parsley.

Tightly closed in its “ortau” casing, in Sardinian “turned over”, it is subjected to a long boiling phase and finally brought to the temperatures of your fridge in a few minutes.

This procedure will allow you to always have at home a fresh, genuine, tasty second course that is quickly turned to be cooked. Just finish cooking with a nice external browning: a few minutes in the oven with your favorite side dish or "sa morte sua", as in the tradition "turned over and over" over the embers of the fire.

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