Olivina di Stefania Tangianu

Olivina di Stefania Tangianu

In the 70s, Angela and Antonio met and got married. Both derive from peasant culture, with pride and effort they dedicate themselves to the primary sector, passing on traditional productions, but with an eye towards innovation. In the early 2000s they decided to take on a new challenge and set up an oil mill.
The passion for primary production is added to that for food processing: in a short period the business acquires the esteem of most of the olive producers of the neighboring Ogliastra villages (from Lotzorai to Bari Sardo, from Talana to Baunei etc).

Over the years the plant has been systematically renovated to improve the quality of the extraction and reduce the environmental impact of the production co - products.
at the same time, a training - information system is developed that intrigues and fascinates small owners, who are no longer satisfied with producing for family needs and begin to ask that a decent outlet be found for their precious product.
The “OLIVINA” project was born from these requests: the owner Stefania Tangianu decides to invest in this dream to give value to sweat on the forehead of small producers.
“Olivina di Tangianu Stefania” works in parallel with the parents' oil mill, to provide a complementary service to small local producers and to the many farms that populate the area.
Olivina is based in Tortolì and consists of a small storage and packaging plant for extra virgin olive oil.

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