Olive growers Oliena

Olive growers Oliena

From an ancient and widespread culture of olive trees and oil, in 2016, gathering previous associative experiences, the Olivicoltori di Oliena cooperative was born. The one hundred and fifty members that compose it represent the link between past and present, between tradition and innovation, whose mission is to enhance the quality production of the olive groves that characterize the valley and hilly areas of the Oliena area.
The headquarters of the Olivicoltori Cooperative is located in Oliena in the heart of Sardinia within a territorial context where the wise agricultural vocation, handed down from generation to generation, merges with a unique rural landscape, characterized by ultra-secular olive groves of rare beauty deriving from the on-site grafting of ancient formations of Olea Oleaster (olive tree).
From the examination of ISTAT data it can be seen that compared to a regional surface area used for olive cultivation of approximately 39.000 ha, the olive grove surface present in the territory of our municipality is approximately 3500 ha, corresponding to 9% of the entire regional surface area. This means that Oliena represents one of the largest and most important production realities in the regional context, as well as being the almost exclusive custodian of the Oliena black production area, which from a development perspective, given the results and awards achieved in the various sectoral events, it takes on relevance and a real strong point on which to lay solid foundations.

Our Territory, in addition to having ancient historical and cultural traditions, has been recognized by international organizations as one of the six blue zones, a term used to identify a demographic and/or geographical area of ​​the world in which life expectancy is significantly higher than the world average . And in this context, environmental healthiness together with a healthy diet, characterized by the consumption of high quality local products and specifically oil which has a high coefficient of polyphenols, have played a fundamental role in achieving such results.

Type and characteristics of products

The cooperative produces its extra virgin oils in Oliena using in particular two prized cultivars: the Nera di Oliena, an exclusive native variety of the territory and the Bosana, present above all in central-northern Sardinia.
From the cold pressing of our olives comes extra virgin olive oil in various denominations, characterized by a very high density and haze with a green color with golden yellow reflections and an intense fruity, herbaceous aroma, with persistent notes of aromatic herbs.
The commercial strategy involves the production of two distinct product categories: a high-end (luxory) high quality product particularly rich in biophenols, mainly coming from the processing of slightly darkened green olives, both organic and conventional, intended for a predominantly niche market, and a medium-range (standard) one deriving from ripe olives always cold-worked, having less pronounced organoleptic characteristics compared to the luxury version, but also capable of expressing a more than appreciable quality, destined to satisfy the needs of a non-standard market niche.

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