Olio Assolisa

Olio Assolisa

Assolisa is an organization of over 400 olive producers, mostly small family-run businesses located mainly in the north-west of Sardinia, the area of ​​the island with the greatest olive and oil production. Among its members it also includes 10 oil mills/mills.

Assolisa was founded as an association in 1997 and transformed into a cooperative in 2000 to carry out the functions of organizing producers. It has the mutual aim of pursuing the productive improvement of olive growing through the concentration and marketing of members' products. The cooperative does not have speculative purposes and intends to involve anyone interested in the benefits of mutuality, applying its methods and taking inspiration from the principles of free and spontaneous cooperation.

It participates in multi-year operational programs and annual executive projects financed by community, national and regional bodies and by contributions from members through which it guarantees technical assistance.

It has a staff of agronomists specialized in the field of olive growing who give advice, carry out planning, carry out monitoring of parasite infestations and support companies in choosing the best agronomic strategies.

Aware of the importance of the olive/oil sector not only for the local economy but for all aspects related to the environment, culture, history and community health, it promotes training activities for the various actors in the supply chain through direct organization of conferences, study trips, introductory tasting courses, guided tastings, projects in schools, memoranda of understanding with municipal administrations, actions aimed at promoting the culture of quality oil and widespread knowledge of its organoleptic characteristics and nutraceuticals.

930 hectares is the total olive grove area of ​​the members' companies.

The systems are generally of the traditional type, sometimes with an irregular layout. Many have an important landscape, environmental, historical and cultural value.
The olive groves are mainly located in the areas of Sassari, Alghero, Sorso, Sennori, Uri, Ittiri, all municipalities with a high olive-growing vocation.
The predominant cultivar is Bosana which produces an oil with intense aromas, rich in polyphenol content. The organoleptic notes are typical of the variety with hints of grass, leaf, thistle, artichoke and aromatic herbs.
The high presence of polyphenols guarantees the product greater stability and better preservation (shelf life).

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