Natural Nostos

Natural Nostos

NOSTOS – Naturally Composte was born in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, by a young couple who, after a year of work in Mozambique, decided to return to Italy.

NOSTOS offers classic jams and marmalades for breakfast with the excellent Sardinian raw material, selected and harvested by hand.
You can also find jams from taste experiments, combining fruit and vegetables with some spices, such as clementines with turmeric and pears with ginger, excellent for combinations with cheeses.
There are also chutneys, sweet and sour compotes recommended for the most creative aperitifs or gourmet main courses. Plus honey, only from Sardinian beekeeping!

NOSTOS was born to become aware that today a change is necessary and starts right from the land and from those who work it. Our products primarily follow the seasonality and availability of the fruit, come from small local producers or favor a circular economy because they are put into production as unsold fruit and vegetable markets. We use Fairtrade certified cane sugar, a brand that guarantees respect for workers' rights and the environment in sugar cane plantations in the southern hemisphere.
If you choose Nostos, you favor a healthy economy, without waste and fair for everyone!

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