Walls and Lughe

Walls and Lughe

The Remo Caddeo farm from the harvest of spontaneous pears produces an exclusive liqueur based on Filu Ferru.
In the past, the pears were grafted by the shepherds on the wild perches along the roads, in this way the fruits would have quenched them and their flocks in transit.

This tradition has come to us, thanks to our grandparents and their desire to transmit ancient knowledge and customs over time. Driven by the intense bond with the earth and the desire not to abandon our small realities, we try to enhance all that nature can give us and that has always been before our eyes.

In the heart of Sardinia, on the Marghine plateau, we find the small municipality of Dualchi.
In this place the wild pear trees smell the countryside, characterized by centuries-old basaltic stone walls, isolated nuraghe and nuragic walls. Our company is born here. Guided by the passion for breeding and the Sardinian tradition, at first we were dedicated exclusively to the care of family flocks, but the constant look around, frightened by the economic crisis of the territory, makes us believe in a new goal.

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