Molino Su Ghimisone

Molino Su Ghimisone

Molino Su Ghimisone is a reality of Oliena (Nu), specialized in the production of 100% Sardinian flour and semolina, of high quality stone ground with wheat germ, through a careful selection of durum wheat grown in Sardinia.

Molino Su Ghimisone enhances quality Sardinian raw materials, respecting the nutraceutical characteristics, protecting the health of the consumer. It aims to rediscover the forgotten ancient flavors and aromas that represent the authenticity of Sardinia and the pleasure of eating healthy in a conscious way.

All the products of Molino su Ghimisone are 100% Sardinian products with a high nutritional and organoleptic content, characteristic for the ancient aromas and flavors of the past authentic of Sardinia.
Flours and semolina are stone ground with wheat germ, this essential component of the grain gives amber tones to the final product because it retains all the essential nutrients.

The stone grinder allows to obtain an artisanal product with high nutritional value; The wheat is stone ground in purity, preserving the most important fractions of the grain, namely the aleuronic layer and the wheat germ. These two elements represent the fundamental factors of the nutritional component of cereals as they preserve the good fats, minerals, B vitamins, tocopherols (vitamin E), proteins and amino acids.

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