Milia Carni

Milia Carni

The Milia family has been a reference point for the entire Marghine area for two generations.
Two generations of men who, with their intense and incessant work, the sense of family, respect and love for the land and the traditions to which they belong have been able to connect past and present in a business reality that looks to the future as active and driving part for the entire economy of the area.

In our companies we practice another way of breeding based on passion and sustainability in respect of animal welfare. Only cattle born and reared in Sardinia, careful selection of garments and breeds. Rigorous control of every phase of the production chain. Exclusive evolution in the processing phases. These are the rules that govern our production cycle.

It means attention to every detail, in every phase of the animal's life and in all the productive aspects that lead to products of sure excellence.
It guarantees respect for the territory and for the operators who daily lend their professionalism in a system based on quality.
Within this system, our products are born, differentiated into lines of excellence to meet the expectations of a mature and evolved market.

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