Mielica Aresu

Mielica Aresu


Mielica Aresu boasts a decade of experience of its workers, coming from a solid tradition of beekeeping and liqueurs. In fact it is thanks to Augusto Aresu's passion for bees, who started producing honey in the 1939, a passion handed down to the daughter Maria, which led the company to 2000, the year of birth of Mie.li.ca Aresu srl. Experience has therefore allowed us to develop a highly artisan production line, dedicated to the typical products of Sardinia and in particular the production of Mirto liqueur. It is a young and dynamic company that has based its choices on high quality.

Constantly controlled quality to guarantee a genuine and natural product, in full respect of local traditions. The company made its flagship product from myrtle liqueur, although the range of products is very wide.
The company's efforts have not only focused on production, but also in the care of the aesthetic aspect of the products themselves, care taken in the creation of packages designed to give prestige and uniqueness to the company's production.

From the combination of the variegated and spontaneous flora with the mild climate of our beautiful island, fruits are born rich in nutritional values ​​with beneficial properties. Our products, through artisan methods, preserve the qualitative properties and the flavors of these ancient recipes, handed down by our grandfather and our mother.


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