Cantina Gungui

Cantina Gungui

Luca Gungui is a young winemaker native of Mamoiada, an area of ​​Sardinia in great growth for the production of quality wine. Luca graduated in Public Administration Science and like many of his island he moved to Milan to work in the municipal offices. But the appeal of Sardinia is very strong and he makes the decision to return to the island, where he finds himself working in Cagliari at the regional offices. But in Luca there is a stronger call, that of the earth, the countryside, the vine. A love born when he was still at university and between exams he was called to the countryside first by his grandparents and then by his father. He worked under the sun, he got his hands dirty between the rows, he smelled the wet earth and the noise of the hoes, he couldn't allow all this to end. Luca cultivates 2 hectares of land located in Sas de Melas not far from Mamoiada. The exclusively Cannonau vines are grown naturally with the complete elimination of any chemical substance.

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