The Island of Flavors

The Island of Flavors

L'isola dei Sapori was established as a farm in March 2016 as a family business, which includes: Veronica, Federica, Eleonora and Marco who have decided to implement an activity aimed at processing truffles, on which to bet, as a source of appeal, with respect to the national and international market.

It is an innovative, young and ecological company that combines an inherited production reality, agriculture, with a spontaneous and native product: the truffle.

The farm is located in the province of Oristano, precisely in Laconi, in the Santa Sofia area.

The company's goal is to create and enhance typical Sardinian products, making them unique also through the combination of truffles collected in the Sardinian countryside.

In the fields vegetables and vegetables free of chemicals are grown and, in the laboratory, raw materials are transformed, carefully studying the best recipes and selecting only and exclusively KM0 products.

The Truffle Collection is carried out in the Sarcidano countryside in the company and by means of trained dogs.

The harvest is deposited in the cold rooms at the factory, where the subsequent sale of the fresh product or the transformation of the latter is carried out. The factory is located in a 2-hectare land and consists of a covered area of ​​800m2 in which all the various stages of processing are developed.

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