Le Mareviglie

Le Mareviglie

Le Mareviglie srl is an artisan company, specializing in the production of mullet and tuna bottarga, cuttlefish ink, sea urchin pulp, tuna in oil, organic ready-made seafood sauces and other fish specialties from Sardinia.

The story of Le Mareviglie srl was born 30 years ago from the professionalism and passion of Salvatore Faedda, founder and current administrator, with the creation of the historic commercial brand "Su Tianu Sardu".

Over the years the company has expanded and highly specialized. It has managed to combine the tradition of craftsmanship with production innovation, and create products of excellence, in compliance with international quality standards.

Since its inception it has brought tastes and aromas of the Sardinian seafaring tradition to the tables of the whole world, with particular attention to sustainability and to the care and selection of raw materials.

Le Mareviglie realizes 100% of production in Sardinia in its Cagliari plant.

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