Recently established, Ithiri di Luigi Appeddu is a Sardinian food company specialized in the production of a bread-based snack, through the artisanal processing of a traditional product typical of Sardinia, the Sardinian Spianata, also better known by the term "Pane fine Othieresu", due to the its subtlety; it is a thin sheet of flatbread cut into small square-shaped rectangles (3cm x 3cm), fried and finally salted.

It differs from other more popular snacks, precisely because of the type of raw material used (usually the “Pane Carasau” is preferred). The product is slightly golden, with a pleasant flavor and aroma and a marked hint of freshness and fragrance; the distribution takes place through packs in the classic 80g format.

Founded in 2017, the name recalls the ancient medieval name of Ittireddu (Ittiri-fawn, Fustialbos-poplar); the company was born from an intuition of the owner during his frequentation in the family business, the "Bakery Becciu", in which the owner learns the secrets of bread making. The initial idea comes from a use of the bakery's processing waste; following numerous appreciations of the new product, an increase in demand, the raw material was subsequently purchased directly.

In order to further strengthen its image, a logo was subsequently created which symbolizes the country that hosts the company; the marketing of the product takes place through this unique representation: "Liki-l'aperitivo snack" comes from the abbreviation of the Sardinian term "Lichittos" or "Licchittu"
(glutton, greedy) that best identifies this snack, crunchy, crumbly and tasty, and to represent the link with the historical and cultural roots of the territory.

In the last year, the first results in terms of growth, distribution, but above all appreciation from consumers have already begun.
With regard to the breakdown of geographies and the relative weights on turnover, in 2019 all production is destined together with the Regional market.
In compliance with the corporate mission, it was decided to undertake a development project that envisages both the strengthening in areas in which it already operates, and a further expansion of distribution throughout the Sardinian territory, with the intention of establishing itself on a national level; at the same time, a process of innovation and research was launched, aimed at the constant qualitative improvement of production and the expansion of the range of products offered with the creation of 3 new products which are expected to be launched in summer 2021.

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