Io sono Sardo Peeled Tomatoes and Preserves

Io sono Sardo Peeled Tomatoes and Preserves

Quality is the daily goal of the fruit and vegetable producers who make up ARPOS, a regional cooperative founded in 1976 to enhance products made in Sardinia. Heirs of an ancient wisdom and knowledge that has seen the Sardinian land as an exceptional protagonist over the centuries within the agricultural sector, the producers cultivate their land with passion and attention, giving life to a varied offer enclosed under a single brand: "Io Sono Sardo".

Tomato is the main product of the members, located throughout the region to promote activity in the different regions of the island and to create a common market. Research and innovation are the foundations that distinguish the production of members, subject to strict quality rules that protect the environment, the health of operators and end consumers, ensuring only the best of Sardinian land.

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