Il Grano d'Oro

Il Grano d'Oro

Who we are?
We are the first laboratory specializing in the production of "LORIGHITTAS", a typical pasta from Morgongiori. The idea of ​​the opening comes from the desire to make pasta known outside the country. Inaugurated in 2000, we work to produce and market the product which, over the years, has acquired more visibility at a regional level and beyond.
We start as an organic farm, which transforms the cultivated wheat into raw material for production within the laboratory. In recent years we have also started producing another jewel of Sardinian gastronomy: the “FREGOLA”. It too, as handed down to us by our grandmothers, is made entirely by hand, without the use of machinery.

The origins
At the foot of Monte Arci, in the heart of Sardinia, there is a small town of about 800 inhabitants: Morgongiori. Here nature and tradition intertwine and give life to a unique and special pasta: the "LORIGHITTAS". An intertwining that can only be kept together with passion. And this is what we do in our laboratory with care and attention.

In the past, this pasta was prepared by all the women of the town for All Saints' Day. Tradition has it that they are seasoned with a good chicken or pork sauce.
Now, however, every occasion is good to savor them with any condiment.

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