I Cagliaritani Qui Sardegna

I Cagliaritani Qui Sardegna

The Pastificio I Cagliaritani was born in 1963 thanks to the intuition and passion for pasta of the founder Francesco. It immediately became one of the leading companies in the pasta making of typical Sardinian products such as Fregula and Malloreddus.

Today, thanks to new technologies and the new factory located in Settimo San Pietro, we carry on the tradition with the same passion and determination as then. The production involves a bronze drawing or an extrusion, depending on the processing, with a slow drying guaranteeing and preserving the organoleptic properties of the semolina. The latter is of Sardinian origin for all our Premium line, for all Sardinian and Regional formats, while of Italian origin for the other Traditional and Organic formats.

We have obtained the international IFS certification and obviously the BIO certification.

In 2018 the company grew further by acquiring Qui Sardegna (www.quisardegna.it), a company specialized in typical Sardinian bread, such as Carasau, Guttiau, Pistoccu and many others.

Thanks to the commitment and dedication of our family (employees and partners), we always design and develop new products, such as Fregolotto and many others to be tested and offered to our customers.

We are Growth Champions 2023! Thanks to the company results of the period 2018-2021 we have been ranked among the top 800 Italian companies with the highest growth rate!

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