Hivu Mandorle di Oliena

Hivu Mandorle di Oliena

"Hìvu di Giorgio Carente" is a young company born from the passion for one of the most typical fruits of our territory: the Almond.

He began his activity as a small agricultural entrepreneur trying to restore some almond orchards already existing in the territory, with the aim of planting new ones with the aim of having a more guaranteed and certified product. Thanks to the particular climatic conditions of the production areas, the almonds begin to bloom in January and consequently the longer ripening period makes these fruits richer in nutritional and organoleptic components, while the very hard shells prevent their attack by fungi and parasites and consequently the use of pesticide treatments is avoided.

The business mainly deals with the processing of almonds with the withdrawal of other local products of the highest quality, thoughtful and guaranteed.
The harvest, carried out from mid-August to early October, is mainly done by hand, facilitated by a "beating" with poles or reeds.
After harvesting, the almonds are removed from the husk with a hulling machine and then left to dry in the sun for 5 or 6 days.

The product flows into the place of processing where it is subjected to the following operations:
- shelling
- shell separation from seeds
- manual selection
- possible peeling

Despite the fierce competition in terms of prices, a clientele that is increasingly attentive to quality has been obtained, looking for almonds with higher nutritional values ​​and a rich oil content that allows a longer flavor and duration even in the preparation of various desserts. .

Over time, in addition to direct sales in the place of processing, it was decided to meet a much wider clientele, thus offering online sales, where you can find: shelled, peeled, sliced ​​almonds, grain and almond flour in the various formats both for individuals and for pastry shops or intermediate sellers, almond cream, liqueur, as well as other local products such as extra virgin olive oil, honey, saffron, "cannonau" wine

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