Azienda Agricola Giuliana Puligheddu

Azienda Agricola Giuliana Puligheddu

In Oliena, in the limestone heart of Sardinia, a few years ago Giuliana Puligheddu, picking up a centuries-old family tradition, decided to continue growing cannonau vines and olive trees grafted with the “black of Oliena” cultivar. Thus was born, right on the slopes of Mount Corrasi, our organic extra virgin olive oil "Ghermanu".

But one day the golden eagle, which watches over these valleys from above, drew a red line that made the gaze fall on an uncontaminated forest at the foot of which Giuliana decided to plant a vineyard of cannonau grapes only. It is right there, in Jacu Piu, guarded by Mount Ortobene, sung by the nobel prize for literature Grazia Deledda, that our CUPANERA, organic cannonau DOC, is born, to be enjoyed in the company of closest friends.

We want to produce wine to bottle the scents of our land, as it appears in its current aspect given by the action of nature and the work of man. With deep respect for the peasant history, for the vine, for the environment. We want to produce a wine that, in terms of color, aromas, structure and balance, is faithfully traceable to its Cannonau typology. With this spirit we want to immerse you in this part of Sardinia, wishing you "Salude" for a toast with your friends.

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