Funtana Cana

Funtana Cana

The Farm "Funtana Cana"Is located in Pattada, in the heart of Logudoro, a gem of gastronomic and naturalistic flavors and where nature and time have maintained a fundamental role: the same as they had hundreds of years ago, when Sardinian shepherds prepared their cheeses with skilful passages handed down from father to son for generations.

Today the technology and some machines allow us to spread those extraordinary flavors throughout the national and European territory, but the milk, the technique and the fodder have preserved unchanged the organoleptic characteristics of the products of that era.
Ours is a story of innovation in tradition, made of passion and work in respect of nature. These are the reasons that led us to switch to organic production: in order to obtain a genuine cheese rich in flavors, just like it used to be.

Funtana Cana deals with the production and aging of different types of cheeses of the Sardinian tradition, obtained exclusively from the milk of its own organic farm; through our shop we also carry out the direct sale of our products and all the cheeses we produce.
For a guided tour of the farm with tasting of our products, or for a gastronomic tour of the area, contact us and we will be happy to have you with us!

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