Gennargentu farms

Gennargentu farms

The business "La Fattoria del Gennargentu srl" operates with the "Fattorie del Gennargentu" brand

A young and dynamic company operating in the heart of Sardinia, it was born in 1998 with the aim of combining the centuries-old experience in the production of cheeses, typical of these countries, with the most modern technologies. The production activity was started in the dairy in 2000 and in a short time significant ecomonic results were achieved, together with a prominent position in the panorama of Sardinian production realities. The Gennargentu srl farm transforms sheep's milk produced locally, partly from companies that have implemented biological criteria.

Our products come from selected milk and meats, and their flavor and quality come first of all from this. Because it is not a commonplace that the milk produced by the flocks that graze on the mountains as a thousand years ago is different from what can be produced elsewhere.

Then, only later, came the art of the cheese maker and pork butcher, special arts, learned from a severe school. Because nobody teaches how necessity, and here to produce these simple, very precious foods, has been for centuries the first necessity dictated by the harshness of the shepherds' life.


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