Famiglia Demelas

Famiglia Demelas

In places where the winemaking vocation is strong, through the generations, the vineyards have always been handed down from father to son.
Instead of following parallel but separate paths, we joined together facing the challenge of moving from a home production, to a modern one, linked to the territory, to native vines, in step with the times.
Sure, it's a difficult step, but we're lucky enough to get in Famiglia Demelas loved ones who support us in this journey with their skills.
This is a family: faces, people, who reach out their hands to help each other.

Our vineyards are located in Atzara, in the Mandrolisai, the geographical region that is located in the exact center of Sardinia, on lands that derive from granite; these have disintegrated over the millennia, creating a land made up of coarse-grained sands mixed with clay, in which the vines cultivated with sapling or espalier sink their roots.
The Gennargentu mountains overlook our hills, and during the sunny summers they give fresh currents, which cross holm oaks, oaks, orchards, up to the vineyards, giving refreshment and therefore a great aromatic outfit of the grapes.
To characterize the wines are not the single varieties, but a set of Cannonau, Muristeddu (Bovale Sardo), Monica and several other varieties, which for centuries have joined the rows, thus representing the absolute expression of the territory.

Ours is a company strongly oriented towards communication and hospitality; we believe that our wines, tasted at home by those who have decided to choose Famiglia Demelas, should be the stimulus to come and visit us, to live an experience in the heart of Sardinia: the Mandrolisai.

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