Dulhes Torrone e Aranzada di Orgosolo

Dulhes Torrone e Aranzada di Orgosolo

Dulhes was born in Orgosolo, in 2014, from the idea and intuition of making two typical products of the Sardinian tradition comfortable and portable.
By acting on the same usability, facilitated by the consumer, through a package and a brand, in step with current purchasing trends, the entire production process, the excellence and genuineness of the product is safeguarded, according to tradition. Our company, through a studied marketing policy, aims to enhance the quality of the food offer in relation to experiential tourism, conducted in the local area, and to the SARDINIA brand, developing with our customers a real commercial partnership attentive to constant market developments.

Widely consumed in various key tourist points of the island ("Archeotours" c / o Nuraghe Losa, Sacred Well of Santa Cristina, Hotel "Su Gologone", etc. ..), Torrone and Aranzada, they lend themselves to a quick and efficient tourist, hiking and / or sporting activity, moreover they are two snacks that thanks to the traditional processing performed by choosing only the best natural ingredients, are appreciated for being without added sugars, without preservatives and gluten-free.

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