Winery Attilio Contini

Winery Attilio Contini

First Salvatore, then Attilio, today Paolo and his nephews Alessandro and Mauro: the Contini winery has grown and matured as the wines and the successes that have made it great, through the passion and commitment of four generations. For almost 120 years a single common thread, represented by Vernaccia di Oristano, has characterized the work of the Contini company. Then, over the years, Vernaccia has been joined by other important productions: the historic Nieddera vine, the traditional Vermentino and Cannonau, the successful experiments such as Karmis, Attilio and the organic Mamaioa. Today the company produces a complete range of wines with which it is present in Italy and abroad. It does not stop evolving, both in winemaking techniques and in ideas. And that is why the Contini wines resist the weather, because they are wines that love and remember forever.

The long history of the Contini company begins in 1898, thanks to Salvatore Contini and his entrepreneurial instinct. The wine of the time was Vernaccia and Salvatore dedicated himself totally to its valorization. The future successes gave him reason: Salvatore received the gold medal at the 1912 International Exposition in Milan for the production of Vernaccia di Oristano, the first wine in Sardinia to obtain the denomination of controlled origin starting from the 1971 harvest.

In the 30 years, Salvatore was joined by his son Attilio who took over the reins of the activity on the eve of the Second World War. In the years 60 the company, until then family, is consolidated also thanks to the acquisition of local producers grapes that increased the production capacity. The 80 years represent a turning point for the activity of the winery, because the many historical and social changes affect the rhythms of life of consumers. It is in this period of transition that the Contini identify an important possibility of growth. The winery starts the production of new wines dedicated to a younger and more dynamic audience, without ever neglecting the link with the Sardinian territory. The long history of the winery continues.

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