From the countryside of Castiadas a new business project is born, called CHERVU, which involves the valorisation of the medicinal plants of Mediterranean scrub present spontaneously in the surrounding area and in the company area, such as myrtle, mastic, wild olive.
CHERVU means "DEER" and is a product that has its origins and has its roots in this wonderful territory.
CHERVU wants to represent not only a business project, but also an economic model SUSTAINABLE e CIRCULAR which is based onagri-food, On local manufacturing as represented by the Sardinian embroidery stitch at the bottom of the brand, which starts from the identity and valorization of a territory and its landscape resources. Just as once upon a time the NUR, the inhabitants of the island of Sardinia in the Nuragic era, produced to satisfy internal demand and exported excess products to the so-called opposite shores, on board small ships with the protome (head) of the Deer on the bow, CHERVU wants to present itself both in the market of fine spirits at a regional level and throughout the national and international market.
The agricultural company was activated in 2016, in the form of an individual company, having an area of ​​10ha with the creation of a myrtle plant of approximately 1,2ha, and the remaining part used as a herbage. In 2018, production of the first was designed and started MYRTLE DISTILLATE on the market in two variants, outsourcing the transformation process to a renowned artisanal distillery at national and international level, a collaboration that will also be maintained in the future in order to limit land consumption.
2021 sees the birth of two new products, the TRILOGY – MEDITERRANEAN SPIRIT and the MYRTLE ELIXIR.
TRILOGY, the first blend of three distinct distillates, myrtle, mastic, wild olive, medicinal plants present and selected in the company, whose foliar system was used as raw material for production.
MYRTLE ELIXIR, the first cold demi-sec alcoholic myrtle compound, using berries selected in the company.
The agricultural project involves the expansion of the existing myrtle plantation, from an existing area of ​​approximately 1,2ha with 3.400 cultivated plants, to a further 6,8ha, on a total area of ​​8ha with over 20.000 plants.
The expansion of the cultivated area will be carried out with the soon-to-be implemented land improvement project, which will allow us to support the increase in existing production and diversify it with new products.

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