Caseificio Fogu

Caseificio Fogu

Working with milk is a wise art made of tradition and love for one's land.
Fragrances and emotions return to exist bringing us back to a past time where an adventurous world was the backdrop to the life of the shepherd.
A life marked by great silences and long waits, in which the link between "man and nature" emerged indissoluble.
And it is in this bond that the "great quality" of the Fogu Company is still today, in the most spontaneous taste of its products, the fruit of the solitary and uncontaminated pastures.

The "Fogu Casearia", successfully continues the activity of the old company "Fogu Sebastiano", which already in the years' 50 established itself in the national market for the genuineness of its products.
To meet the demands of an increasingly demanding and ever-expanding market, the modern "Fogu Casearia" has created a new corporate structure, introducing cutting-edge and high-tech production equipment, while maintaining the great quality and genuineness of its production unaltered .
A vast production, rich in various types of cheeses which, even today, are obtained from whole milk, coming from wild farms.
Sweet and delicate cheeses, also pleasantly rich in flavor, the result of long research and careful care for the various processing stages.

Results of great prestige that confirm the most peculiar characteristics of quality and tradition of the Company "Fogu Casearia".

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