Cantine Carboni

Cantine Carboni

The Carboni winery, was born in the 90s as a result of the owner's passion, which slowly transfuses in competence and experience and, finally, becomes testimony and legacy for his young children.

The inspiring philosophy of the winery is to combine the millennial tradition of wine cultivation and production, inherited from the generations that preceded it, to the constant study work that, between tradition and innovation, seeks the synthesis to obtain better and better wines, looking at the taste the market and the most modern winemaking techniques, while maintaining the properties that make the vines, the soil and the microclimate - in a word the terroir - of the Mandrolisai hills unaltered.

The Carboni winery loves to maintain the idea that wine is a family product, which stems from a special bond with the land and its rhythms. Even today, the whole family carries out the care operations necessary to maintain a quality that is, above all else, a gesture of love towards nature and those who respect it and support it with the care of the work human.

This winery is the witness of the history of a small community of farmers, the Ortuerese one, the daughter of many other stories that are intertwined in a natural way, from which, however, the autochthonous vines deserving of even greater recognition and deserving protections emerge to be known for quality, excellence of production and variety and careful policies of enhancement and support from all institutions.

It tells the story of a family that, looking proudly and aware of the best of its millennial tradition, intends to project it, confident, into the future of its children, to whom it entrusts the burden of transfusing ancient knowledge into an innovative oenological project capable of deduce and summarize its most original potential.

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