Antigori Cellars

Antigori Cellars

The headquarters are in the center of Sanluri, but the vineyard is located in Capoterra, in the Su Spantu area. In Sardinian "Spantu" means amazement, wonder, and this is what one feels when admiring the slope where the Antigori vineyards are planted. Born in 2008 from the creativity of the winemaker Giacomo Tachis, they have been designed alongside the Carignano rows of Bovale and Cabernet-Sauvignon in the percentages of around 80-10-10. The vineyard thrives with the benefits of the sea, protected to the north west by the mountains that create a barrier for the mistral. All around cork oaks, strawberry trees and myrtle, carob trees contribute to forming the Sardinian aftertaste of the wines of Cantine Antigori.

Cantine Antigori produce five different IGT Isola dei Nuraghi red organic wines, born from the same vineyard but at different times and altitudes. The wine is a Carignano (80%) enriched with Bovale (10%) and Cabernet-Sauvignon (10%). Spadacino (lower part, first harvest), Ambrosu (middle part, second harvest) Pedra Scritta (upper part, last harvest), Bovale and Bovale Superiore in purity, seem to almost represent the three phases of life. From the freshest of youth, passing through maturity and finally the complete and rich wisdom of old age. Vineyard stories, stories that you will find told in these three wines. From cultivation, harvesting and processing, certified processes and techniques are used which make it possible to obtain a wine of excellent quality and organic.

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